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There has been an increased interest for compression wear on the market in the past few years, thanks to top athletes, national teams and TV athletes more often seen using it. As with any trending product, there are always questions and rumors going around. These are some of the myths that we should discuss:   Isn’t compression mainly designed for people who are injured or inactive? Why is compression wear becoming a thing in sports? In the medical world, we’ve been using compression wear and socks for many years for people with insufficient blood circulation, often due to sedentary, to...

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Underwear Weight You don’t have to overthink this, but you do need to consider both your metabolism and activity level.  Here are your three basic weight options for long underwear: Lightweight: Moderate to cool temps. Midweight: Cold temps. Heavyweight: Below-freezing temps. Our SubZero Thermal Underwear is consider Heavyweight underwear. NOOZ thermal underwear are designed for warmth with fleece lining interior as well as 4-Way stretch exterior lining. It is perfect for you to wear to exercise during winter. Remember, too, that your base layer’s main job is moisture management. NOOZ's thermal baselayer uses breathable fabric, so it won't trap your sweat during workout. To be able to wick sweat efficiently,...

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