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There has been an increased interest for compression wear on the market in the past few years, thanks to top athletes, national teams and TV athletes more often seen using it. As with any trending product, there are always questions and rumors going around. These are some of the myths that we should discuss:   Isn’t compression mainly designed for people who are injured or inactive? Why is compression wear becoming a thing in sports? In the medical world, we’ve been using compression wear and socks for many years for people with insufficient blood circulation, often due to sedentary, to...

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6-pack abs, compression, Compression benefits, compression clothing, excersice, muscle building, nooz, nooz compression -

Since fitness has more recently taken off as everyone’s favorite hobby, the sales of fitness clothing have naturally soared, too.However, the market is bombarded with clothes claiming to use the latest textile tech to help aid your workout, make you sweat less and give you the most comfortable experience while exercising.While these claims might just be a load of old marketing spiel, one way of finding out for sure is by putting the tech to the test.One of best selling favorite tops for running is this NOOZ Long Sleeve Compression Shirt. It features minimal seaming over other fitness garments to offer a more streamlined...

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6-pack abs, abs, compression, Compression benefits, excersice, muscle building, nooz compression -

Exercises that will guarantee Ripped 6 Pack Abs Of course, there are prerequisites. First of all, you must be able to do the six exercises mentioned below correctly, complete the number of sets of the exercises as required. Second, the male body fat rate shall not exceed 20%, female body fat rate shall not exceed 25%. Even if the body fat rate does not meet the requirements, you just need to carry out at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, such as jogging, skipping, etc., after the completion of these six exercises after training. Finally, it is the persistence that...

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