Top 10 reasons to wear sports tights

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Top 10 reasons to wear sports tights

Compression tights/yoga pants were already accepted by women as the fashion trend. Now, more and more men also like to wear sports tights for fitness exercises as well as fashion wear. Here are the top 10 reasons to wear sports tights.

  1. Keep your knees and leg joints warm, which is important especially at the beginning of the exercise.
  2. NOOZ professional sports tights will have a sense of oppression on the surface of your skin, and it will increase the blood circulation on skin surface.
  3. When the muscles are compressed all around the sports tights, you will feel the sensation of strength and eager to start.
  4. Effectively promote the decomposition of lactic acid to prevent the accumulation of lactic acid, which can cause the soreness of the body. Sports tights can effectively prevent the accumulation of lactic acid.
  5. NOOZ sports tights are made of a unique high elastic fabric, which help quickly dry your sweat to keep your body comfortable.
  6. Your movement is more comfortable and natural in sports tights. The fabric itself is environmental friendly.
  7. Deodorant and antibacterial. Fabrics are made of antibacterial dyes and it prevents the breeding of bacteria. Making the sports population more healthy and safe.
  8. No discoloration. NOOZ compression wear can be washed repeatedly in hot or cold water. It will not have any impact on the color.
  9. Put on sports tights is very comfortable, boundless!
  10. Women magnet! Men can proudly show off their hard working body and muscles. 


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