Why do you wear compression for exercise?

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Why do you wear compression for exercise?

Why do you wear compression for exercise?

Well, the obvious answer is that superhero likes to wear tights. -_-;

Seriously, why should we wear compression tights? You will find the answer just by looking at the trending in Europe and the United States.

Sports is a big part of the culture in Europe and America. For athletes, in addition to look clean and generous and decent, compression wear gives more emphasis on physical fitness. Therefore, compression tights has become the first choice for most young athletes. Other casual activities, such as gym fitness, running, yoga and biking are quietly rising in popularity, so many amateurs are start wearing compressions to its comfort and performance.  

For women, compression wears can show off your nice curvatures. What about the boys? Of course, it can highlight your hard working muscles. So the purpose of tights is just to show off your body? It is absolutely more than that! The more important thing is to protect your body muscles, relieve fatigue, speed up the blood circulation, anti-static and other functions.

  1. Fast warm up to prevent strain

How can compression clothing provide energy? It can! Professional sport tights can also increase blood circulation, while the muscle wrap can make people feel excited, full of strength (kind of eager to try), but it also has a warm-up to prevent injury. 

  1. A breathable, quick-drying effect

Nothing worse than hanging out with a sweating friends soaked in their cotton shirts. NOOZ compression wear is using professional sports clothing materials, which use unique high elastic fabric. The sweat can be quickly dried, so that athletes can keep the movement with a dry body and exercise more comfortably.

  1. Effectively prevent the accumulation of lactic acid

Whenever you try push your limit with some intense exercises, you will fell the muscle pain the next day. The movement of compression tights will effectively promote the decomposition of lactic acid to prevent the accumulation of lactic acid, which can cause muscle friction during the movement. Therefore, sports compression tights are essential for muscle relief.

  1. Hot and cold

It takes a toll on you to exercise in different temperatures constantly. How to do runs in a chilly morning and hot afternoon? Compression clothes can help adjust the body temperature, so you can keep the body in a state of constant temperature, and endure the hot and cold cycle.

Many researches show that professional sports compression gears are really important to athletes. At present, sports compression wears have been used in many sports such as running, fitness, football, basketball, badminton, baseball, boxing, rugby, horse riding and many other sports. In addition, it is gaining popularity in leisure sports.

No matter what kind of exercise you choose, you should always protect yourself. Compression clothing can be served as a balance of functional and fashion sportswear. When our brand NOOZ started in 2016, we want everyone to enjoy professional experience with their leisure exercises. During R & D, production and other aspects of NOOZ development, we focus on wearing profession gears for everyday exercise, such as running, fitness, yoga and ball games.

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